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Hi, XHaviiHx

Welcome to the wiki! I have a question regarding all the images you uploaded. Do you plan on actually using them somewhere? I wouldn't upload all icons just because. Only the ones we actually need. Respecting resources we need to change the color of all icons to dark before uploading because the wiki has a light background. Also, we should rename it as they are called in-game for easier linking. I'm going to create a quick link template like the "Block" template for them to be used all over.

I would call them just Bread.png

About the achievements, personally, I think that the dark background images look better than the no background images. They were already a good resolution taken from Steam database. I see no need to replace them. If you want the non-colored images I also have them with a dark background.

Nice having you here!

By the way, how did you obtain all the images? Leonord cursetalk」 13:16, 10 July 2017 (UTC)