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Block'hood has five different gamemodes and a standalone tutorial, they all use the same gameplay mechanics but some give you specific objectives while others leave you to build to your desire.

Story mode[]

In story mode you follow the story of a boy and his friend the wild pig as they grow up and learn the importance of preserving the environment and sustainable development. The story mode has five different chapters that get unlocked after completing the previous ones. The chapters will progressively teach you the game controls and mechanics in an interactive way. They are an alternative to the separate tutorial levels.

Story mode has some unique blocks that can only be seen in story mode. They occupy more than one square and produce a lot of resources to make the levels easier for new players just starting the game.

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Story mode characters ※

Challenge mode[]

Challenge mode has 24 different challenges for you to complete with varying difficulties. This challenges offer a change from the more relaxing traditional gameplay by imposing limits on certain resources or time limits to complete the objectives. They could also be considered advanced tutorials that will teach you about all the different industries that can be built in the game. For a detailed description of all challenges read the challenges article

Sandbox mode[]

Sandbox mode is the core of the game where you can build your hood to your desire without any specific objectives. You can decide if you want to build just one standalone hood in hood mode or many neighbooring hoods world mode using a specific biome and terrain.

Hood mode[]

In hood mode you will build just one hood. The game starts with a flat surface without any blocks. You can determine the size of the hood in the main menu before creating the hood. Width and depth determine the size of the base plate (x and y axis) and they can very between 2 and 20. Height determines the amount of vertical layers (z axis) and varies between 2 and 40. The max number of blocks will determine how big your hood can get. It can be set anywhere between 500 and 3000. Higher limits will demand a more powerful computer.

You can also decide if you want to play in Ecology mode or Free Form mode. Ecology will utilize all the game mechanics like resources, decay, events and inhabitants' demands. Free From is the equivalent of creative mode, allowing you to build freely while ignoring all game mechanics.


  • It is recommended that you fill at least one or two layers with Soil to have a base source of Groundwater for your different plants. Groundwater is one of the most important resources and there very few options to produce it. Soil can also take care or Organic Waste and produce Fertilizer. This will also give you the opportunity to later create a basement for your buildings.

World mode[]


The Tutorial consists of ten simple levels that explain the basics of the game mechanics.